On one hand, ZARRSO offers its services to its Members and on the other hand, ZARRSO offers its product to users.

As an author, creator or publisher, one is entitled to the following rights:

  • Economic Rights – to reproduce, distribute, sell, rent, publicly perform, make adaptations, broadcast.
  • Moral Rights – to be identified as the author or director of a work (the paternity right), to object to the derogatory treatment of ones work.

Anyone else, apart from the copyright holder, who does any of the above acts restricted by copyright, without the permission of the owner, infringes on copyright and may be subject to legal action taken by the owner for the infringement. ZARRSO is a legal clearance organisation from which you can obtain a license to carry out acts otherwise exclusively reserved for copyright holders, in relation to the reproduction of literary and artistic works.

ZARRSO’s main service to its members is licensing the reproduction of literary and artistic works on their behalf. In carrying out that service we will consequently also carry out for our members the following composite services:

  1. Monitoring where, when and by whom copyrighted works are being copied
  2. Negotiating with users (or their representatives)
  3. Granting licenses to users of copyrighted material against appropriate remuneration
  4. Collecting remuneration from users
  5. Distributing remuneration to rights holders

The members of ZARRSO entrust it with their literary and artistic creations and authorise it to license users for the reproduction of those works or products. Our product, therefore, is a repertoire of copyright protected literary and artistic works.


The license offered by ZARRSO is an annual blanket license that covers both digital and print reproductions. The various mediums of reproduction of copyright protected material that is licensed include photocopying and digital copying which covers printing, scanning, electronic storage in databases and other kinds of digital copying, for instance on CDs and DVDs. The license is required by the education sector, copy shops, churches, government departments, and organisations in business and anyone who wishes to make extract reproductions from copyright protected literary and artistic works[R2].

The license allows copying from local and foreign literary and artistic works such as books, magazines, newspapers, journals, photographs, illustrations and diagrams. The license permits copying to the following extent for each person covered by the license:

  1. BOOK

    One chapter or 30% whichever is greater

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    30% or More pages if prior to reproduction, permission is obtained from publisher in cases where more publications (by publishing on demand, cannot be obtained within a reasonable time

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    2 ARTICLES from each periodical, maximum must not exceed 25% of total number of pages (examples of periodicals are newspapers, journals and week periodicals)

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    15% with a maximum of 10 pages

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